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Satanic Surfers (SWE RIP 89-07)


     Rodrigo Alfaro (Vocals)
     Magnus Blixtberg (Guitar)
     Andy Dahlström (Bass)
     Fredrik Jakobsen (Guitar)
     Robert Samsonovits (Drums)


    1. Meathook Love (Demo 91 DIY)


    2. Skate to Hell (EP 93 Bad Taste)


    3. Keep Out [EP 94 Burning Heart (SWE)]


    4. Split w/ Concrete Cell (BEL) [95 Genet (BEL)]

    Ten Foot Pole/Satanic Surfers

    5. Split w/Ten Foot Pole (EP 95 Bad Taste)


    6. Born 2 Skate [Split w/ Seven Hate (FRA RIP 93-03)] [96 Diabolik (FRA)]

    Hero of Our Time

    7. Hero of Our Time [96 Theologian/Burning Heart (SWE)]

    666 Motor Inn

    8. 666 Motor Inn [97 Theologian/Burning Heart (SWE)]


    9. As a Matter of Fact Split w/The Almighty Trigger Happy (CAN), Good Riddance (RIP 93-07), Ill Repute (RIP) (98 Bad Taste)

    Going Nowhere Fast

    10. Going Nowhere Fast [99 Epitaph, Heartcore, Burning Heart (SWE)]

    Songs from the Crypt

    11. Songs from the Crypt (00 Bad Taste)

    Fragments and Fractions

    12. Fragments and Fractions (00 Bad Taste, Hopeless)


    13. As a Matter of Fact [Split w/ Satanic Surfers (SWE RIP 89-07), The Almighty Trigger Happy (CAN RIP 9?-99), Ill Repute, Strung Out] (01 Fearless)

    Unconsciously Confined

    14. Unconsciously Confined (02 Bad Taste, Hopeless)

    Taste the Poison

    15. Taste the Poison (05 Bad Taste)


    Rich Kids On LSD


Armless Skater (96)

Head Under Water (96)

Satanic Surfers Myspace
Satanic Surfers Bad Taste


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