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Less Than Jake (USA)


    Chris (Vocals/Guitar)
    Roger (Bass/Guitar)
    JR (Sax)
    Buddy (Trombone)
    Vinnie (Drums)


    Freebie (Demo 92 DIY)


    Smoke Spot (93 No Idea)


    Better Class of Losers (93 Fueled By Ramen)


    Three Way Split (Split w/Spoke, Bombshell) (93 Toybox)

    Son Of Pezcore (95 Capitol)


    Losers, Kings, and Things We Don't Understand (95 No Idea)


    Pezcore (95 Dill, Asian Man)


    Pez Kings (95 Toybox)


   Unglued (95 No Idea)


   Making Fun of Things You Don't Understand (95 Far Out)


    Split w/Pung (95 No Idea)


    Split w/Against All Authority (95 Far Out)


   Greased (EP 96 No Idea)


    Losing Streak (96 No Idea, 11 Sleep It Off)


    Pesto (96 Very Small)

    Split w/Jimmy Eat World (96 Capitol)


    Split w/Kemuri (JPN) (96 No Idea, Fueled By Ramen)


    Split w/Sprocket Wheel (96 Snuffy Smile)


    Six Pack to Go [Split w/Load, The McRackins (CAN), Decadent Few (GBR), No Fraud, Tiltwheel) (96 Stiff Pole)


    Crash Course in Being an Asshole (97 Fueled By Ramen)


    G-Man Training Target (97 Red Dawg, What Else?)


     Muppets (97 Liquid Meat)


 Split w/J Church (97 Dead Beat)


    Hello Rockview (98 Capitol, 11 Sleep It Off)


    Birthday Cake (98 Fueled By Ramen)

     Cheese (98 Fueled By Ramen) 

    Chicago Halloween (98 Fueled By Ramen)


    The Pez Collection (99 Moon Ska)


    Bootleg a Bootleg, You Cut Out the Middle Man (Live 99 Fueled By Ramen)


 Split w/Megadeth (99 Fueled By Ramen)


    Borders & Boundaries (00 Fat Wreck Chords)


    Goodbye, Blue & White (02 Fueled By Ramen) 


    Anthem (03 Sire)


    B Is for B-Sides (04 Sire)


    Absolution for Idiots And Addicts (06 Sire)


    In With The Out Crowd (06 Sire)


    GNV FLA (08 Sleep It Off)


     TV/EP (10 Sleep It Off)


All My Best Friends Are Metalheads (98)

Does the Lion City Still Roar? (08)

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